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World War 3 begins: Tips on what to do, & where to go, war ‘guaranteed’, Vladimir Putin accused of war crimes, US, Russia, China conflict

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World War 3 begins
World War 3 begins, U.S., China, Russia, Vladimir Putin

We live in times our parents and forefathers feared. In a day where our values as human beings have eroded close to the core, and greed raises up as the major force that envelopes our decisions. We’re not too far away until World War 3 begins.

It’s hard to point out where we haven’t failed as a people. From an environmental point of view, it’s quite obvious that we can’t even protect our own home.

From a fissure on our ozone layer down to the smog that hovers over our overly crowded cities, to shattered coral reefs. Now World War 3 begins in the guise of the oil business in the Middle East, of enforcing peace that in reality results to civilian bombings, and whatnot. Evil comes in the disguise of an angel.

According to a report by the Daily Star Russia, under Vladimir Putin’s command have tested their nuclear-capable Topol missiles in defiance of the U.S. in the conflict in Syria, as well as with other U.S.-led aggression on the economic front.

Vladimir Putin was accused for war crimes in Syria, and has instructed officials to have relatives and citizens go back home to the “Fatherland” as World War begins.

That World War 3 begins is “almost guaranteed”, missiles are pointed at NATO allies, and China, too, wants part of the mix.

In fact, World War 3 has practically begun from the cyber war standpoint, but we civilians just don’t feel it. But what should we do when the conventional World War 3 begins?

Reading about the World War from your desk makes you feel restless. The first thing that comes to mind is to want to do something, anything, and that’s just what you might have right now. Stay fit. Exercise. Do whatever you can to stay healthy, as it may help in case of a survival scenario.

Check your finances, horde. Find various ways to earn, instead of the usual office set up. That should become moot in the turmoil of a World War. Talk to your family about it, and get them to cooperate in saving money, and earn money when possible.

Give a proper orientation, a clear exposition of what is expected to happen in a World War scenario.

Save up gasoline, food, stocks/provisions, utilities, and tools. Go back to the basics. List down the things that may come in handy so you won’t forget, just like that extremely useful medical kit. Got any weapon? When World War 3 begins you’ll definitely need one.

Take your family away from the city. Go to the countryside, or if you know any such places where you are relatively safe with friends or close relatives. But only go with those you definitely trust, and won’t betray you in a struggle of the fittest scenario that’s expected in the harsh realities of a World War.

According to a report by Express the top 10 safest places in case of a full blown war are: Switzerland, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Bhutan, Chile, Iceland, Denmark, Malta, Ireland and Fiji.

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