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World War 3 update: Potential flashpoints

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world war 3 update
Image Courtesy: US Air Force/Wikipedia

Aleppo has another contender for being the flash point of World War 3. It is a spot stretching to about 60 miles which are especially vulnerable. It has a rail line separating Lithuania from Poland. The rail line is considered to be critical. It also happens to link Belarus with Kaliningrad in Russia. It is to be noted here that Belarus has proved to be a staunch ally of Moscow.

This is the view of David Andelman, who is the editor emeritus of World Policy Journal. He expressed his view in an article published on CNN.

According to Andelman the region could be the testing ground for the U.S. to defend Baltic republics and a showdown between NATO and Russia could commence. In this context, it must be mentioned that soon to be former vice president of the U.S. Joe Biden visited the region and assured Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania of full support from Washington. This includes military support if Russia decides to attack them setting the backdrop of World War 3.

Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump wants them to become more active with regards to NATO as a sort of returning a favor for American protection. This move may turn out to be a blunder unless as per Trump’s plan he does not wish to protect them anyway.

According to reports, Russia has placed a whole battery in intermediate-range missiles in the region. This is in addition to the already prominent presence of the Baltic fleet of Moscow. The elite of Russia’s fighter planes regularly patrol the area and routinely violate the airspace of Finland and Estonia which could incite action and plunge the world towards World War 3.

Another area of concern for the international community is the much disputed South China Sea in addition to, of course, Syria. The Persian Gulf is another hot spot in the wings. The U.S. Navy logged no less than 19 confrontations with Iran’s ships in the first half of 2016. Needless to say, the confrontations could have taken grave proportions reports ibtimes.com.au

In the case of South China Sea, the guided missile destroyer of the U.S. fleet, the USS Decatur was close to the Paracel Islands, in October. It led to protests from the Defense Ministry of China. Previously within the course of a single month, China intercepted US RC-135 spy jets twice, off the coast of China.

Image Courtesy:US Air Force/Wikipedia

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