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Amputee Adrianne Haslet on finishing the Boston Marathon: ‘It was everything’

Amputee Adrianne Haslet proved the world that having a disability does not mean that you cannot do anything or reach your goal, as she finished the Boston Marathon 2016 on Monday after losing a limb three years ago in the same event.

“It’s just an awesome, awesome day and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and I had a lot of people pulling for me as every runner does,” Haslet said after crossing the finish line at 7:20 p.m. via Boston Herald.

Haslet was a victim of Boston Marathon bombing that happened on April 15, 2013 where she was just a spectator in the race. The bombs exploded near the finish line in Boylston Street that killed three civilians and injured an estimated 264 others, including Haslet where she loss one leg.

Many people came to witness Haslet finish the race as they all cheered for her while approaching the finish line. Before that, Haslet encountered a problem with his prosthetic leg while at 14.7 miles.

She spent an hour and a half to fix the problem with a pit crew in a medical tent. Luckily, the Hanger prosthetic worked enabling her to finish the race.

Adrianne Haslet said that finishing the race was ‘everything’ to her and when she was asked about her inspiration in finishing the race, she answered via Boston Herald, “Seeing my brother and getting here with my team and just thanking the Boston Athletic Association for the tireless work they do to make this the best day of the year.”

Even the president of the United States was impressed with the courage and perseverance showed by Adrianne Haslet saying thank you to her for being strong despite being a victim of the tragedy.

Also, people in social media sites showed their admiration and respect for Haslet for being a role model especially for those who had been a victim of terrorist attacks and for those people with disabilities.

Here is a video of Adrianne Haslet while running near the finish line of the Boston Marathon:

Photo courtesy: Colleen Evans/Facebook

Video courtesy: Youtube/Boston Herald Photo

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