Detroit Red Wings assistant coach’s close scare as random murders hit Michigan

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Detroit Red Wings head coach Jeff Blashill was scared for his good friend and assistant coach Pat Ferschweiler when he saw the news of six random murders in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Jeff Blashill of the Detroit Red Wings spent a year in Kalamazoo and his assistant Pat Ferschweiler currently resides there. As soon as Blashill saw the news on the internet, he called Pat to inform him about it since his house was very close to the location of the incident.

“His family still lives in Kalamazoo, so I let him know as soon as I saw it on the internet.” Blashill said, as reported by Detroit Free Press.

Blashill coached the Red Wings against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. The Redwings lost the tie away from home.

The Red Wings coach tagged the incident as sad and mentioned that his “thoughts and prayers are with the people of Kalamazoo”. He also stated the incident to be “horrific”. It was more scary since Pat’s home wasn’t far way.

Blashill himself spent a year in Kalamazoo when he was the coach at Western Michigan in 2010-11. He also lived for three years in Grand Rapids where he coached the Griffins.

“I’ve only spent a year there, but it was a great year. Great, great people in west Michigan. Obviously, spent numerous years in west Michigan.” the Detroit Redwings head coach said.

Kalamazoo is a very small college town where most of the people know each other. Blashill was familiar with the Cracker Barrel restaurant and the local car dealership where the shootings occurred.

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