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Rio Olympics 2016: Brother of Brussels suicide bomber represents Belgium in Taekwondo event

Rio Olympics 2016 news about brother of brussels bomber taekwondo
Mourad Laachraoui, brother of one of the jihadis in Brussels who exploded himself in the airport bombing, represents Belgium in Rio Olympics 2016 taekwondo.

Mourad Laachraoui, the brother of one of the jihadis in Brussels airport, is reportedly busy preparing himself for the nearing Rio Olympics 2016 next week. He will attend this year’s Olympic games in a taekwondo event.

After winning the European Taekwondo Championships, he declared his official entry to Rio Olympics 2016 in August. Prior to his win, he also attended US Open and Luxor Open in Egypt in taekwondo division in February and March respectively.

Laachraoui gained consecutive wins after the US and Luxor Opens. He also got bronze medals from both Canadian Open and Fujairah Open tournaments. According to the earlier reports of Daily Mail UK, he also won gold in Montreux, Switzerland in an Under-54 kg division.

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These successive wins led him to the Flemish taekwondo federation. Series of winnings resulted to a successful career line in this sport. In fact, the said federation labeled him as the “Europe’s king of the lightweights.”

During the times he won several tournaments in taekwondo, he shared that it was not really easy for him. His brother, Najim, blew himself in Brussels Airport in March 22. At that time, he revealed he was surprised to what his brother did and the attacks he contributed.

Days after the terrorism attack, Mourad Laachraoui was interviewed. He said that he missed his brother but he never missed what he did and what he became. Najim left to Syria in 2013.

At that same point, Mourad lost his communication with his brother. Hence, the attack in Brussels was not expected at all, not from his own sibling. He also added that he grieved him and did not overcome the sadness yet.

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He knew what Najim did was totally unforgivable and terrible. But what he hated is not his brother. But the people who lead him to do it, the same source reported.

Now that he will be competing with great athletes in Brazil, he admitted he still misses Najim, who was once a taekwondo athlete. In the meantime, the Belgian taekwondo champion will compete in Rio Olympics 2016 next week.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@mouradidouda

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