Kaitangata, New Zealand: Your dream life is willing to pay $165k to live in it

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Kaitangata, New Zealand
Photo courtesy: Andrew Rutherford/Wikimedia commons

Life is ought to be simple. Instead, people are too stressed about getting caught up in a vicious cycle, a daily grind that many of us may realize to have not lived at all in the end. For most, it has all become a great irony as the meaning of life continues to slip away. The coastal town of Kaitangata, New Zealand invites you to step away from all that.

It may be unbelievable that the idyllic life you dream of, which at some point may have appeared to be a futility is actually reaching out to you… with cash.

The town of Kaitangata is located on a heavenly green hillside just minutes away from the coastline on the South Island. The mayor of the town, Bryan Cadogan says the government is offering people to relocate there, and for that, they will pay you $165,000.

The town has more jobs than people. They are trying to jumpstart its economy by filling in 1,000 jobs that are currently vacant. Its population at the moment is only 800.

Its unemployment rate is 2. Not 2% of the population, but 2 people.

The offer is now being inundated by thousands of inquiries worldwide. So don’t waste your time or that dream will turn into another sad reality of rejection. Most queries are from Brits who want to relocate after Brexit. Other interested nationalities are from Syria, U.S., and Poland.

“This is an old-fashioned community, we don’t lock our houses, we let kids run free. We have jobs, we have houses, but we don’t have people. We want to make this town vibrant again, we are waiting with open arms.” The Clutha district Mayor said.

The mayor had initially expected a positive response to the advert, but recently they are flooded with inquiries and applications that caught them unprepared.

“It’s gone nuts. A mother and her two children just flew in. I took them to their section and the look on her face was magical. ‘Is this all ours?’ I can already see positivity and vibrancy flowing through the town. Who would have thought Kaitangata would ever be on the world map?”


Photo courtesy: Andrew Rutherford/Wikimedia Commons

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