Hooters girls teamed up with Boy Scouts at camp

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Photo courtesy: BemLoira BemDevassa/Flickr

Cub scouting is fun. For first timers, kids go out and meet a bunch of other scouts and develop new fellowships. It teaches them how to adjust around their peers, overcome shyness, and develop communication skills and more, as they tackle tasks that require teamwork.

Denver parents were excited to pick up their children from a Frontier District Day Camp. They missed their kids being away, but consider it a worthy experience for their growth and maturity. They ended up pissed.

Not only was the camping program a day of adventure and skills development, as promised, but parents found out their kids had spent their time together with volunteers from Hooters.

When Hooters servers volunteer for events they don’t typically show off their bodies, as they are known to do at work. They wear jackets and shirts with the restaurant’s logo, and pants, but not during the day with the boy scouts.

They wore short shorts, tank tops, and tight shirts, along with their trademark cap.

Hooters, a sponsor of the event, sent three volunteers each day for three days, which is the entire duration of the camp.

A spokesperson for the Boy Scouts of America issued a statement saying they acknowledge the volunteers mistakenly wore the wrong attire and apologize for it. The Boy Scouts “relies on millions of dedicated volunteers and we are very appreciative of their commitment.”

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Parents insist it isn’t just the skimpy shorts and scantily clad attire that irked them. Martha Corn, one of the parents said: “It’s just the philosophies of the two organizations are polar opposites and I just don’t think they should be together.”

“We love the Scouts, we think they made a very poor choice and what I would like and what I think would go a long way again is some accountability,” she added.

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Apart from the concern over the volunteers’ attire, nothing seemed amiss. The boys were found to be enjoying the outdoors, spending their time learning archery and other crafts.

However, another parent, Michelle Kettleborough said in an interview with Denver7, “Quite honestly we’re questioning whether we’re going to keep him (her son) in the organization at all next year.”

Photo courtesy: BemLoira BemDevassa/Flickr

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