Shooting in Dallas: New war against police brutality

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Photo courtesy: Drumguy8800/Wikipedia
Dallas police headquarters. Photo courtesy: Drumguy8800/Wikipedia

A shooting in Dallas kills five police officers and wounds six others.

Alton Sterling was just selling CDs outside a convenience store when policemen approached him on Tuesday. Before he was tackled to the ground and shot, Abdullah Muflahi, witnessed Sterling asking, “What’d I do wrong? What’s going on? What’d I do wrong? Why you messing with me?”

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Two days after the incident, 11 officers were shot, of which 5 of them are reported dead as attacks in Dallas where peaceful demonstrations against the controversial killings were ongoing.

It’s not clear if this has any connection with the questionable deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile on Wednesday, but the shooters seem to be specifically targeting police officers in the area.

Unlike attacks by religious extremists, the shooting aims only at specific targets, which merits questions by authorities- What did we do wrong? Why mess with us?

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Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that two snipers strategically attempted to triangulate their targets from a high ground in an “ambush style”.

Three people of interest are now in custody, two of them were held after they were seen throwing a camouflage bag into a Mercedes and speeding off.

Investigations say the snipers threatened police with a bomb planted in the area. One of the snipers also told police “The end is near.” It is not clear what the perpetrators were exactly referring to, but during the negotiations they were uncooperative, and even difficult to deal with.

“We still don’t have a complete comfort level that we have all the suspects. So we will continue a very, very rigorous investigation and search of downtown,” Brown said.

“We will likely be working throughout the early morning hours of Friday until we are satisfied that all suspects have been captured and have an opportunity to be interviewed.” He added.

Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings referred to the shooting as “our worst nightmare”. He added, “It is a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas.”

Photo courtesy: Drumguy8800/Wikipedia

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