Donald Trump rape case not strong enough

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Photo courtesy: Michael Vadon/Wikipedia.org

A woman using the name Katie Johnson has filed a rape case against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump last April 2016. It was first filed in California without the assistance of an attorney and was dismissed due to technical filing errors.

It was filed again anonymously in a Federal court in New York with Jane Doe’s lawyer, Thomas Meagher, strengthened with a witness whose credibility hasn’t been assessed, even shady for her role as a recruiter.

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Jane Doe alleges that she was raped by Trump when she was 13 years old (1994) in the house of his friend, Jeffrey Epstein, who is also a defendant in this case. She used to go to parties at the home of the latter with the promise of modeling jobs.

However, New York’s five-year statute of limitations on this claim means that the deadline filing of the case had expired way back in 1999. Her attorney asked for an extension, reasoning out that she was threatened by Trump and, under duress, she didn’t have the freedom to file a case.

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If so, what events had transpired all these years since 1994, which constituted a curtailment of her freedom that apparently became absent all the sudden, giving her the freedom to step forward now? Was the gravity of the threat, even enough for this rationale to prosper?

And if she now has the freedom to fight for her case, why do it anonymously?

Donald Trump does not have a good reputation among women. He’s had two cases that reference him being a rapist, although both statements have been recanted. Still, he publicly despised women, calling them pigs, and even ridiculing Ted Cruz’ wife.

Trump may be a misogynist and the case against him for rape must be dealt seriously, but this current case just doesn’t seem to hold.

If this case is not politically motivated as Trump’s camp say, why did Jane Doe have to wait for so long, and, coincidentally, nearing the presidential election to come out?

Jeffrey Epstein, who is a co-defendant in the rape case, is a known sex offender. He was jailed in Florida in 2008 for soliciting sex from an underage girl.

While there is a possibility that both defendants may indeed be guilty of the crime, in their defense, it can also be argued that they are both easy targets for a fraudulent case simply based on profiling.

Every case should be submitted on its own merits, and this doesn’t seem to have enough to prosper. It also doesn’t help that Jane Doe’s representative “Al Taylor” has been tied to absurd claims since 1998, and whose real name is reported to be Norm Lubow as reported by The Guardian.

Photo courtesy: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

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