50 f***ing million shades of Jim Carrey, drug abuse; Cathriona White case

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Photo courtesy: Jean-Francois Gornet/Flickr, Jim Carrey drug addiction, depression, supplied Cathriona White with drugs, did Jim Carrey Kill Cathriona White?

When the body of Cathriona White was discovered on September last year by close friends Dennis Bradshaw and his wife Lena in a home she shared with her ex-bf Jim Carrey it was all too late.

Drug bottles (Ambien, Percocet, & Propranolol) were reportedly found on her deathbed, along with a suicide note on a dining table that showed her despair and being broken-hearted.

Cathriona White had long battled depression. In fact, this suicide attempt was not her first. She attempted to end her life when her father passed away, and next on his third death anniversary.

She was depressed, and madly in love with Jim Carrey with whom she broke up with days prior to her death.

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Breakups are almost always messy, but according to a report by Radar Online, it wasn’t just a simple case of lovers ending their relationship.

In fact, Cathriona White’s estranged husband Mark Burton has sued Jim Carrey for allegedly supplying White with a cocktail of drugs. It wasn’t just about the actor misplacing his drugs that ended up in Cathriona’s hands, but that it was more deliberate.

Mark Burton claims that Jim Carrey’s text message saying he misplaced his drugs was a ploy to cover up his complicity in her death and wants to hold him accountable.

Jim Carrey denounces such claims through his lawyer, Martin Singer, calling it an “outlandish shakedown.”

“Mr. Carrey has suffered a great deal in the last year with the suicide of the woman he dearly loved, and it is outrageous that he should be subjected to this predatory lawsuit.” Martin Singer said.

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However, Mark Burton also alleges that Jim Carrey gave Cathriona sexually transmitted diseases, including herpes and gonorrhea.

A video is also to be presented in court, which reveals Jim Carrey’s cocaine addiction and causes him to act weird and unpredictable.

“He roller-coasters a lot. . .over Christmas I guess sugar f***ed him up,” Cathriona White said. “It really f***s with him.

“It’s like 50 shades of grey, 50 f***ing million shades of Jim — and I’m 50 f***ing million shades of f***ed up because of it!”

Could this be the reason behind Jim Carrey’s spiraling career, increasingly volatile behavior, as he battles with depression too?

Photo courtesy: Jean-Francois Gornet/Flickr

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