Timeless Spoilers, News: Why does Garcia Flynn want to alter the future

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The new NBC series Timeless has just aired its pilot episode and so far it has attracted the interest of viewers. Based on the first episode, it is evident that the people behind Timeless did not scrimp their budget. Burning a blimp with amazing FX was no small thing. But the effects and budget aside, there is a pervading question that wants an answer regarding Garcia Flynn’s (Goran Višnjić) motive to time travel and why does he want to alter the future.

In the first episode, historian Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), soldier Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), and scientist Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) were recruited to run after Flynn who stole the Time Machine to alter the future. Fortunately, there was a prototype of the machine and they were able to use it to find Flynn and stop him. The trio found him making a deal with the Nazi and planning to destroy the blimp.

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The synopsis for episode 2 revealed that he went back in the past and forge an alliance with John Wilkes Booth (Kelly Blatz) to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. It turned out that Flynn has a bigger plan not just to kill Lincoln but he was doing everything in the past to destroy America.

When the team was recruited the Lucy heard that he killed his own family and put the blame on some magical creatures. Then, he stole the time machine to alter the future. Lucy, however, had some doubts as to the real motivation of Flynn wanting to destroy America. Did the government something to him or maybe has his family killed, framed him up because they want something from him or he knows something they want to get their hands on.

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Another theory was he could be a spy. But from which country? Or maybe he’s just plain evil. These are some of the questions that might be playing in Lucy’s minds as well as the viewers’ but all will be gradually revealed as the series progresses.

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