Outlander Season 3: Caitriona Balfe drooling over Sam Heughan’s new ripped body

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Outlander fans have been over the moon lately as rumors have been spreading that their on-screen chemistry goes beyond Outlander. Lately, Sam Heughan has been sporting a new ripped body which both the fans and Caitriona Balfe is drooling over.

The actress has been reportedly impressed with her co-star’s body who seemed to be more muscular and solid than ever. Heughan’s ripped muscle is a testament that the Scottish star is ready to face the challenges his character will face both on the set and in the movie.

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The actor seemed proud about his accomplishment as photos of his bulging biceps and chiseled chest made the rounds on the Internet as he finished a charity marathon clocking an hour and 27 minutes. The charity was to raise money for blood cancer. The actor posted the event on his Instagram account.

He also revealed the type of workout he does in order to stay fit for the role. He said that he’s been doing a lot of running and has been into CrossFit training lately. His workout consisted of deadlifts and Olympic lifting to bulk up for the show. He also mentioned that at one point in the show, he had to go Paleo in order to lose some weight. That was the time when his character went to jail.

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Meanwhile, he also discussed how Jamie will age in season 3. As Outlander fans might know already, there will be a huge time jump in season 3 so most likely, they will see a more mature Jamie and Claire. He joked that he is looking forward to getting older in Season 3.

“It’s fine, we’re getting put out to pasture and we can just get fat. I’ve already started. Surely [Jamie’s] got a bit of a beer belly. I’m going to take it upon myself to age ungracefully. I think Fat Jamie is what everyone wants to see,” Heughan said.

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