Power Season 4 Spoilers: Will Sung Kang be Angela’s new lover, mentor, or nemesis

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As filming for season 4 of the Starz hit series continues, more and more rumors are surfacing as to what will happen and who’s who in the next season. One of the loudest is the one about the ‘Fast and Furious’ actor Sung Kang, who recently joined the show. Many fans are asking what would be his role in the next season. Will he be Angela’s (Lela Loren) new lover?

The rumors become stronger when Power creator Courtney Kemp said in an interview on Deadline that he will be an important part of Angela’s life. In fact, he will be an important character in the season that he will appear in its premiere episode according to Kemp.

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With that declaration, many are asking if the 44-year old actor will be Angela’s new love. Since Angela is determined to start a new life and with Ghost (Omari Hardwick) in prison, Sung Kang will be someone who will be around to help her do that.

Recently, the show posted a new picture on their Twitter page which seemed like a scene in the show. The picture featured Jerry Ferrera (Joe Proctor), Loren, and Sung Kang. The photo was captioned, “We’re back in the game and there’s a new face on set. We spotted @SungKang with @JerryFerrara and @LelaLoren. #PowerTV.”

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In that scene, Sung Kang was wearing a very formal suit. Aside from that, nothing in the picture gives away what the relationship between the two is. As Kemp had said that he will be someone influential in Angela’s life, it could also mean that he might act as her mentor or colleague.

The fourth season of Power has a lot of things to answer when it comes back on the small screen next year. Until then, fans are hoping that their hopes and expectations for the show will come true, especially the love angle. If that really happens, what would become of Ghost in Angela’s life? What kind of ‘death’ will happen to him when season 4 returns?

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