Tom Hiddleston channeled Loki in real life to cause Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift break-up

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Art imitates life or vice-versa. If the rumors are correct, then Tom Hiddleston could be bringing his Loki character a level up by channeling it in real life. Loki is, of course, the god of mischief in Norse mythology. That’s because there are rumors swirling around that he is the reason for the break-up of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

It has been months since Harris and Taylor broke up so are Hiddleston and Taylor, but the rumors began to surface that he actually planned the break-up between the two so he could date the “Bad Blood” singer.

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It can be recalled that he and the singer danced during the MET gala. There, as the rumor mills say, he told Swift that Harris was flirting with another woman. Apparently, Loki’s charm worked and Tay-Tay believed him making him the hero for telling her the “truth.”

On the other hand, a close friend of the actor defended him and said that even before the actor delivered the news, the two lovebirds had been experiencing some problems already. It could be that the news coincided and that put the nail to the Harris – Taylor relationship.

The source further said that the singer was already having some doubts about her relationship with the DJ. Moreover, she only started seeing the actor after a few weeks of breaking up with Harris.

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After breaking up with Hiddleston, Swift felt that he just used her so she began to investigate the truth about those allegations. She met the Scottish woman whom Harris was reportedly flirting with. The woman vehemently denied everything, confirming everything that the actor might have lied to her. Further reports said that Harris and Swift are now friends again and they might gang up on the actor on their new album as they see him as their common enemy.

While Harris and Swift are reportedly on good terms now, Hiddleston is believed to be romancing “Quantico” star Priyanka Chopra. Rumors surrounding their budding romance are making the tabloid rounds. However, neither Chopra nor Hiddleston has come out to confirm or deny these rumors.

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