NCIS Los Angeles Update: Is Daniela Ruah leaving the show

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NCIS Los Angeles fans have noticed that Daniela Ruah has been missing from the show for quite some time, which raised some questions whether she is leaving the show and that her character will be written off.

Synopsis of some of the episodes of season 8 has already been revealed by CBS but it seemed like there was no mention of Kensi Blye. There is a cause of worry among fans since the previous episodes of this season showed her to be heavily injured after the team had an encounter with Syrian mercenaries during a mission to catch a high-profile target in the country.

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Their helicopter got shot down by Syrian mercenaries, but fortunately, it safely crashes landed on the ground. Everybody, except Kensi, was able to get out to safety. Kensi, on the other hand, got pinned down under the helicopter. The team managed to pull her out of the debris, but with serious injuries.

She was transported back to the United States and immediately taken to an Intensive Care Unit and has been in a coma ever since. Since then, fans have been wondering what the show plans about Kensi – will she die or will she be able to get out of a coma?

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The rumors continue to escalate as cast members of NCIS Los Angeles hinted on social media that someone is going to die in season 8 of the show. The fans have been interpreting it if the cast is referring to Ruah’s character.

Turned out, however, that Ruah’s leave of absence was due to her giving birth to a daughter on September 4. She is now recuperating and spending her time with her newborn baby and husband, so it might take some time before fans see her again on NCIS Los Angeles. But she is definitely not leaving the show.

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