Outlander Season 3: Sam Heughan says not having Caitriona Balfe in the scenes is like death in the family

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Outlander season 3 is still filming and for the next season will tackle the 20-year separation between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), there are a lot of scenes where they are not together. Heughan compared the separation like ‘death in the family.’

Heughan mentioned in an interview with Vanity Fair that almost everybody knows already that there will be a very long separation between Claire and Jamie. Thus, there were a lot of scenes he had to shoot without Balfe in his side. He said that it was kind of strange not having his co-star by his side and compared it with someone in the family dying.

He added that the feeling was very different and it seemed like a different show. He explained that Jamie and Claire are still both in there, but each living in their own world believing that the other is dead. He even added how difficult it feels to be apart from Claire. He added somewhat carefully that’s because Balfe is such a great actress and an even greater person. He added, however, that their separation in real life, the time when they were not able to see each other, added to the whole feel of the reunion making it feel and look like it’s real.

Meanwhile, Outlander author Diana Gabaldon discussed that the one mystery that fans have been dying to know will finally be solved. The mystery she was referring to was the scene where it says that Frank was observing Jamie as he looked at Claire through a window. The pervading question was how Jamie and Frank managed to be in the same timeline.

She said that the mystery will be solved in Book 10, which will be the last book in the Outlander saga. At the moment, Gabaldon is writing the ninth installment of the series.

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