Amazon Echo killer coming: Google now on the work

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Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Google have witnessed all the positive things around Amazon’s Echo, and now the company is reportedly working on a competitor to the Amazon Echo. Could be this the possible Amazon Echo ‘killer’?

For months people have speculated that the Mountain View-based search company would use some of its incredible capacity to build an Amazon Echo-like device. Hints that such project is in the works have popped up time and time again, but some interesting questions have emerged lately. What would Google build an Amazon Echo-like device? What exactly Google wants here?

Earlier this week, a story was broke by The Information (which in pay walled), suggesting that Google is working on a ‘secret project’ to create a competitor to the Amazon Echo, a speaker/voice assistant that sits in your home and listens to commands. This story came out in the profile of Nest CEO Tony Fadell in The Information website.

According to the publication, Google Nest has approached parent company Google when they first heard the great news that Google is working on the Amazon Echo killer product. Nest has requested to be part of the said secret project, but was turned away by the Google team leading the effort.

Not much detail is known about the rumored Google’s ‘secret project’, not even features or name of the rumored mystery product.

Knowing the search giant’s huge capacity, we can easily assume that this could be some sort of speaker and digital assistant device that can be connected to the whole Google ecosystem.

Some says that the mystery Google product would utilize Google Now, the company’s voice assistant platform similar to what Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri really doing. People believe that Google’s rumoured Echo competitor is likely to have that similar functionality, but with much deep integration.

Further, Google has recently re-branded its Chromecast app to Google Cast, signalling a massive shift for the app, making it more than just a Chrome cast dongle.

Home automation could be another big market Google is chasing after. Google Nest, in case you still don’t know it, is the search giant’s home automation provider of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, web-enabled thermostats and security systems.

Google acquired the Palo Alto-based sensor company for a whopping $3.2 billion in January 2014. The Nest acquisition is a big step in the company’s IoT strategy. Google wants to get inside you home and have access of everything you’re currently using, this include your TV, PCs and home entertainment systems, almost everything you have.

Home automation could be the next big thing for major tech companies, and this is the whole reason why these high-flying companies are focusing more on the Internet of Things. The IoT (Internet of Things) is simply the tagline given to the smart technology embedded into our home appliances.

Amazon Echo is a good example of this home automation device. It offers an easy way to order products, search the web, listen to music, and access just about anything you need.

Google will probably not confirm anything about this ‘secret project’, which probably still in the development stages. We could expect more about this rumoured Google’s Echo-like device in the company’s upcoming Google I/O event in May.

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