Ambergris ‘Whale Vomit’ found in Lancashire worth $70,000; couple wants to sell to fulfill dream

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Photo courtesy: Peter Kaminski/Flickr.com

Ambergris or whale vomit is a high value substance that is used by perfume makes to make the scent last longer. The reason for it being expensive is because of its rarity. A couple in Lancashire, England stumbled across one while having a stroll on the beach.

Gary and Angela Williams were struck by a pungent smell of rotting fish while they were walking along the Middleton Sands beach near Morecambe Bay. They followed to smell to come across a 1.57kg lump of ambergris.

The couple did read about it previously on a newspaper and hence took the substance wrapped around a scarf to their home. It has to be noted that a similar 2.7kg lump of Ambergris was found on the coast of Morecambe back in 2013, which was valued at $170,000.

“It feels like a rock hard rubber ball. Its texture is like wax, like a candle. If it is worth a lot of money, it will go a long way towards buying us a static caravan. It would be a dream come true.” Gary said, as reported by The Guardian.

Another 1.1kg whale vomit was discovered on a beach in Anglesey, Wales. It was later sold at a price of $15,500 in an auction.

Ambergris is secreted within sperm whales to ease the passage of hard and sharp objects which the creature swallows during its meal. It is found within the bile duct and intestines of whales.

In 1986, to prevent the decrease in whale population, the International Whaling Commission imposed a moratorium on commercial whaling. Many countries such as Australia and the US have put a ban on the trading of Ambergris to prevent general exploitation of whales.

Photo courtesy: Peter Kaminski/Flickr.com

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