American Horror Story 6: And the much-awaited twist is…

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After the great reveal in episode 5, many are now anticipating what will be the big twist in the sixth episode of the American Horror Story 6. As everybody is already counting the days until October 19, which is the game-changing twist, everybody is still wondering what could it be.

As episode 5 already revealed that everything was just a re-enactment documenting the lives of Shelby (Lily Rabe/Sarah Paulson), Matt Miller (Andre Hollard/Cuba Gooding Jr.), and Lee Harris (Adina Porter/Angela Bassett) and their escape from Butcher’s land, more and more theories are popping up what will happen in the next episode of American Horror Story 6.

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One of the loudest was that the first real episode of season 6 will start next week. As AHS executive producer Brad Falchuk revealed in a previous interview that Roanoke will unfold as “three seasons: it’s like [episodes] 1 through 5, 6 through 9, and 10 is its own thing.”

With that in mind, it could also mean that the callback episodes that happened in episodes 1 – 5 will end there and the real nightmare in Roanoke will start on episode 6.

However, The Hollywood Reporter said that this will be unlikely since FX marketing boss Stephanie Gibbons said in an interview with the website that there will be no “bait and switch” happening in the series. However, she also added that there is still a lot of mystery that will be revealed in the coming episodes.

“You know more when you’ve read the first chapter, but it’s far from the end of the book,” Gibbons said.

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Another theory that is big among fans is that Lady Gaga’s Witch in the Woods is the central character of the story. Since she is a very powerful witch and also an immortal who practices Old Magic, she has the power to take and give life. So it could be that she is controlling all the ghosts and spirits in the story, according to her whims and will. Since the theme to American Horror Story 6 is 666, could it be that she is the embodiment of the Devil herself and she could travel through time to possess everybody?

Only episode 6 will reveal whether all these theories are true or not.

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