American Horror Story 6 Spoilers: The biggest twist this season might involve a character giving birth

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A lot of theories have been circulating since the sixth season of American Horror Story has premiered. And with every episode seem to mirror some important scenes from the previous seasons, it is expected that important characters from those seasons will appear, especially in the sixth season which the director says will have the biggest twist. According to some rumors, the biggest twist might involve a character giving birth.

The character in question, according to speculations, will be Lady Gaga. Aside from Evan Peters, Lady Gaga was one of the important characters in Hotel. Her character was introduced last season as the Countess who gave birth to a deformed demonic baby in the episode titled “Room 33.”

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One theory suggests that her character will have some encounters with Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) where she will tempt him resulting in her getting pregnant. However, there are also some arguments how it can happen since it has to take nine months before the baby comes out. Considering it is a demon baby, then there is a possibility that it won’t go through the natural process.

The question is how will it play in Roanoke and produce that mind blowing twist director Ryan Murphy promised its viewers. Aside from Lady Gaga, rumors are strong that Evan Peters will make an appearance since public clamor to bring him back to the series is strong. Director Murphy isn’t giving anything away at the moment but allowing fans to concoct their own theories and rumors. After all, it won’t be mind blowing at all if they reveal which character from the previous season will appear next – that will take away the fun.

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But here’s another twist that has made the rounds recently. It says that Murphy wants to create 10 episodes and not the usual 6 for this season. Whether it is true or not, fans will just have to wait and see.

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