American Horror Story Rumors: FX Boss hints of twisty-turny season; Glee alum added to cast

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American Horror Story Rumors
American Horror Story Rumors

With the sixth season of American Horror Story kicks off in a few hours, many questions in the lead up to the upcoming run of the show will finally be answered. But before that, FX marketing boss Stephanie Gibbons took the time to sit down with the press and discuss some of the twists and turns in the new season.

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Marketing-wise, it does seem that the teasers and promos for American Horror Story worked. From convoluted themes to disconnected imagery-fans were left wondering what the sixth season would really be about.

“The show is in its sixth season, and we’ve always done everything by the book,” shared showrunner Ryan Murphy with the Hollywood Reporter. “We wanted to [create a] different experience for the fans this year.”

According to Gibbons, this direction is what leads her team to try and purposely mix up the messages behind their promotional materials for the upcoming season.

“We were going into the sixth season and that number has a particular meaning in the horror realm. In the past, our strategy for the fanbase has always been to reveal and build excitement through transparency and inclusion,” shared Gibbons with the Hollywood Reporter. We would put out these teasers that are amalgams of themes. And that’s been very successful for us because we drop these breadcrumbs along the way, but they very much lead to a full sandwich at the end of the trail.”

The FX boss also provided clues about the show referring to the latest teaser which was a compilation of all 24 promo materials, backed by Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion.

“There’s the anthology spot that brings it all together, as well as the other anthology spot which we released with Lady Gaga’s single, Perfect Illusion,” stated Gibbons. “Her song is very much up the alley so we played with that.”

Could this be a clue about season six’s theme?

Glee star to join American Horror Story cast?

Meanwhile, sources have also confirmed that another actor has been added to the American Horror Story Cast. Glee alum Jacob Artist revealed on Instagram that he will be part of the show, captioning his photo of the American Horror Story script-day one.

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He joins a motley (yet extremely) talented crew lead by none other than Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and the great Jessica Lange.

Catch Artist and the rest of the American Horror Story cast tonight.

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