American Idol: 3 reasons we are glad it’s finally over

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American Idol ended its 15 season journey when Trent Hannon defeated La’Porsha Renae for the crown owing to a major dip in its juggernaut ratings. The final send-off for the iconic show was a historic moment for television. It changed Fox network’s fortunes and ignited numerous competitors around the world.

Rumors are circulating that the show might make a comeback. Simon Fuller, creator of the show has already shared his intentions of making a comeback.

“’Idol’ will certainly be coming back, for sure,” Simon said to The Hollywood Reporter.

However, let us take a look at 3 reasons for which we should be glad that the show is finally over and hope that it doesn’t come back. Even if it does, we expect that to be around a decade from now.

1) Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest started co-hosting American idol with Brian Dunkleman. However from season 2 he had the baton all to himself and has shared much of the spotlight of the show. While all reality shows are known for dragging a particular segment for ages, Seacrest can be considered an absolute artist in the art form. He has the special talent of expanding a 30 sec segment into a two-hour affair. What makes Seacrest the reason for American Idol to end is his attitude of being the main star of the series. Despite being the host, he must remember that he isn’t the sole purpose of people watching the series.

2) Boring Judges

As the show headed towards its later years, a panel of judges such as Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban for the final two seasons. The trio was boring in their responses and did not have the charisma like former judge Simon Cowell. The show’s dip in ratings for the final few seasons could be accounted for the poor performance from its judges as well.

3) Contestant’s not up to the mark

During the final years of American Idol, the quality of the contestants reduced. ‘Idol’ lost the ability to produce stars. This was easily reflected when Caleb Johnson’s debut album, Testify scored the weakest debut amongst all the other Idol winners. It started at No. 24 on the Billboard 200 chart, according to billboard.com.

Despite creating a sensation in television pop culture, American Idol started to bore people and was uninteresting to audiences as it stretched for too long. Hence, with the show being finally over, we could be glad that we have to do away with these 3 reasons: Ryan Seacrest, Boring Judges and Talentless Contestants.

Photo courtesy: Jessica/Flickr.com

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