America’s Got Talent Season 11 Finale Air Date, Spoilers: Grace VanderWaal doesn’t look good with curly hair

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America's Got Talent Season 11 finale air date spoilers Grace VanderWaal
America’s Got Talent Season 11 finale hints 12-year-old singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal’s new image. Young singer reveals new curly hair on Instagram.

America’s Got Talent Season 11 finale include the 12-year-old singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal after she impressed the judges and the audience’s hearts with her song  “Light the Sky” in the semi-finals. Lately, she revealed her new image with her curly hair that disappointed many of her fans.

This could not be a good sign for the 12-year-old singer-songwriter’s fate of the show because many of her admirers didn’t like Grace VanderWaal’s decision to change a bit of her image after the semi-final performance.

According to them, she became popular with her short and straight hair, since this was the look she presented during the auditions. They also expected to see her in that look in the finals.

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“Just got in LA and decided to switch things up with curls,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Other stated that she doesn’t look good with a curly hair. They preferred seeing Grace with a straight her like before. Nevertheless, there were also who admired her new look.

Furthermore, a majority of the fans observed she did a simple and wacky pose wherein she intentionally crossed her eyes. Although it’s obvious that Grace VanderWaal was merely joking around, but many of them ranted. They said that her actions meant something.

While waiting for her next performance in America’s Got Talent Season 11 finals, the 12-year-old singer-songwriter enjoyed a dramatic change in her life after the auditions. She told Hollywood Life that she’s thankful for her parents and the producers of the show for helping her to stay confident in whatever she writes and performs.

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“My family and the producers of this show have helped me so much not really to become a stuck up little girl. A lot of people have been a great support and helped me through everything!” she said.

America’s Got Talent Season 11 finale airs on September 13 and 14, Tuesday and Wednesday, on NBC

Photo courtesy:  Instagram.com/@grace_vanderwaal

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