Angelina Jolie’s best divorce advice from former nanny

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Jolie and children spotted inspecting a property for rent in Los Angeles
Three weeks after announcing her divorce with husband Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie finally resurfaces together with their children in Los Angeles.

If Angelina Jolie were listening, she might have gotten the best advice she has ever gotten regarding her divorce and her children. The advice came from no other than her old nanny.

Krisann Morel, 63 years old and Angelina Jolie’s former nanny, said that she care about the actress very much. Her advice held a hint of warning about repeating the same mistake her mother, Marcheline Bertrand when she divorced her father, Jon Voight back in 1977.

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Jolie’s mother divorced her father because of his womanizing ways. Her mother used Joli and her brother, James Haven, as weapons to get back at their father. As a result, the two had a very lonely childhood. Her parents also traumatized her and her brother. In the same way, Morel warned Jolie to look at how her experience had hurt her and not to inflict the same pain she had undergone to her children.

“I want to tell her, ‘Please don’t cut Brad out of the children’s lives. Don’t use the children as weapons in your divorce. And don’t demonize your husband,” Morel pleaded.

Jolie filed for full physical custody for their six children after filing for divorce. But in a recent turn of events, Pitt was granted the right to share legal custody with their children and gave Jolie temporary physical custody.

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As of the moment, Jolie has kept a low profile and avoid the media. However, she was recently seen in public together with her kids and her brother James in Los Angeles. According to reports, Jolie and her kids currently reside in a rental in Malibu.

Jolie and Pitt met in 2004 after co-starring in an action movie, “Mr & Mrs. Smith.” At that time, Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston and the rumor still persists that Jolie was the reason for the couple’s break-up.

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