Artist formerly known as Prince home studio tour sched cut short due to city council decision

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Artist formerly known as prince
Artist formerly known as prince

Paisley Park, the home and recording studio of the Artist formerly known as Prince, will be opening its doors to the public, according to sources. But this will be done for a limited time only, all thanks to an agreement with Chanhassen city, where the home studio is located.

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According to CNN, the tour was initially set to open Thursday and was arranged to operate daily. But because of some restrictions imposed by the city, the tour schedule was significantly reduced to three days-Thursday, Saturday and October 14, which is a Friday.

Last Monday, Chanhassen’s city council voted to delay rezoning requests submitted by the Paisley Park’s operators. This was due to large concern among the city’s citizens that traffic might become a problem due to the immense crowds the site would bring.

Chanhassen’s council had “public safety and traffic concerns” and sought “necessary site improvements, and the need for additional information on impacts to the community,” according to their statement.

Artist formerly known as Prince studio staff sold tickets ahead of permit approval

Meanwhile, their decision led to the disappointment of Prince fans, as some had already bought tickets and booked flights to Minnesota for the supposed opening week.

Council member Jerry McDonald blamed organizers and the staff of Paisley Park since they sold tickets ahead of the approval of the site’s zoning permits.

“They took a risk, and that’s fine,” shared McDonald with the media. “That’s what business does. But the only thing I’m disappointed in is that they passed that risk on to the ticket holder.”

But who in their right mind would not be able to resist a chance to get a rare view of the studio of the artist formerly known as Prince?

As the New York Times reported, the site promised a “glimpse into the Prince’s working environment and a bit of his eccentric lifestyle.”

“Throughout the experience,” Paisley Park’s website reads, “visitors will see artifacts from the Prince’s personal archives, including iconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments, artwork, rare music and video recordings and motorcycles.”

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That is if visitors ever get to enter this wonderful world of the artist formerly known as Prince.

The Chanhassen city council will be conducting a new vote on the zoning request on or before December 20.

Photo Courtesy: thierry ehrmann/ Flickr

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