Australian bodybuilder who ate his newborn daughter’s placenta becomes new internet sensation

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Footage of an Australian bodybuilder consuming his newborn daughter’s placenta has been circulating in the social media recently, making him the newest internet sensation.

The Australian muscleman, Aaron Curtis, filmed himself preparing, grilling and eating his newborn child’s placenta and uploaded the video to his social media accounts and later to YouTube.

The said video has since become viral, making the 32-year-old the newest online star. Though the practice is not unheard of, as reports have already been made regarding placenta-eating, Curtis apparently did it for “extra-natural gains,” according to his YouTube video.

“My girlfriend was cool with me eating it but when I started grilling it in the kitchen, I don’t think she liked that,” Curtis said via BBC UK. “It didn’t have any distinctive flavor but the texture reminded me of liver.”

Video Courtesy: ironcurtis/YouTube

During pregnancy, the placenta is an organ that acts as a food supply between the mother and the baby. For people to eat it, after birth, is not rare as the organ is believed to contain natural nutrients.

While there are doubts as to the health benefits of placentophagy, the technical term for eating a human placenta, the practice has been getting plenty of traction in alternative health circles.

Parents reported that even celebrities do this kind of practice. Kim Kardashian-West reportedly has eaten her placenta as part of her postpartum diet, though she had it made into a pill form.

However, eating a placenta could pose some risks to one’s health. According to a separate report by Parents, the placenta serves as a filter, keeping some dangerous things away from the baby. It can also be contaminated as women often defecate during labor, which could be put in the placenta, showering it with bacteria.

But that didn’t stop Curtis to eat his daughter’s placenta as he filmed the whole thing on Snapchat and posted it to his social media accounts. The clip has been seen by millions of times and he has been featured on websites since then.

“[I’ve] spoken to a couple of radio stations. It’s only been one day, so I can’t judge how this is going to do for my business yet,” Curtis said via BBC UK Newsbeat. “I’m really surprised by how many different places I’ve seen myself pop up on.”

“Would I do it again? Yes. My daughter is only four weeks old and there are no plans to have any more yet but if we did I would save the placenta.”

“[The] only thing I would do different is to try and jazz up the recipe a bit more. Instead of just grilling it straight like that. Something like a placenta and black bean stirs fry.”

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