Ballers Season 2, Episode 8 Spoilers, Release Date: Spencer Strasmore faces life’s drama, works with Joe

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Ballers Season 2 episode 8 spoilers HBO
In Ballers Season 2, episode 8, Spencer Strasmore faces drama after his life turned upside down. Dwayne Johnson’s character is broke & painkiller addicted.

Ballers Season 2, episode 8 certainly brings drama to Dwayne Johnson’s character as Spencer Strasmore on Sunday. In the previous episode, his professional rival Andre Allen plotted the lead character’s downfall, which led to Spencer’s agony.

Andre Allen, who was Spencer Strasmore’s financial advisor, became his current professional rival in ASM. He has a huge intention to pull Spencer down from his position. So, he carefully plotted the situation towards the mission of turning Spencer’s investments to go south.

Consequently, the lead character was not able to save up for his post-retirement and lost his $6 million real estate property deal as well as other NFL athlete’s money. Spencer faced untimely bankruptcy and rejection from the NFLPA’s registration program at once.

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Towards the end of episode seven, audiences could think about the future of the character, given his unstoppable painkiller addiction and worsen financial standings. In addition to that, NFLPA prohibited him in the league because the association didn’t want to include someone to join and to influence other players to Spencer’s habit.

Furthermore, his bad financial records made it worse as Spencer lost a lot of money, including the other NFL players invested in his program. According to Tyler Horn of The Players Tribune, Spencer’s current situation is relatable to those athletes who shifted careers and those who failed in life.

The source added that it’s predictable for Ballers Season 2’s future episodes to show long redemption for the lead character to make the situation more realistic. This is because most of the athletes in that condition took some time before they could recover.

Moreover, there were many retired NFL players who struggled the same way like Dwayne Johnson’s character in the series. In fact, they faced money issues as well as addiction. All of these rooted in the athletes’ intention to self-destruction.

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Ballers Season 2, episode 8 is predictable. It’s either Spencer recovers with Joe’s help and initiates a silent investigation in ASM’s latest developments or continues to struggle to live his life in bankruptcy and addiction, Catermatt noted.

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