Bathroom break caused Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crash

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 theory
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 theory

It has been more than two years since the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared from the face of the earth. And with the hundreds of questions about the mysterious flight, hundreds of theories have also been created by numerous scientists, politicians and aviation experts.

The latest theory to surface from aviation journalist Christine Negroni may raise more questions than answers, though.

According to her book The Crash Detectives, one main reason that may have caused the plane to disappear was a simple bathroom break.

According to sources, Negroni “believes when the captain nipped for a toilet break there was an explosive decompression in the cockpit that sucked air out of the jet’s cabin.” She even dismissed other conspiracy theories about the plane crash, and pointed out that she did not see no credible evidence that the two pilots were suicidal.

Negroni went on with her theory explaining that the decompression, which eventually led to the doomed flight’s eventual disappearance.

“It (decompression) would have made a deep and startling noise, like a clap or the sound of a champagne bottle uncorking, only much, much louder and sharper,” she said. This would have been followed by a rush of air and things swirling everywhere … everything loose — would have been tossed about in the wind.”

She continued to explain that there may have also been a problem with the co-pilot’s oxygen mask (which she claimed were serviced before the flight), depriving him of much-needed air and the ability to think rationally.

Her theory goes on to speculate that Capt. Zaharie, meanwhile, is rushing from the bathroom discarding his oxygen mask to try and save the plane. But the few steps needed to make it to the cockpit already have caused too much oxygen deprivation for the pilot, making it improbable for him to save the plane.

Meanwhile, relatives of the passengers of MH370 are now engaging the legal help of US-based lawyers to aid them in their civil case against Malaysia Airlines. Sources indicate that 32 next-of-kin of the 230 passengers have “banded together to file a lawsuit arguing the presumed crash of the plane and deaths of their loved ones resulted from the airline’s negligence.” They have since asked lawyers Steven C. Marks and Roy Kalman Altman to represent them, given their vast aviation knowledge, to hopefully help them win their case.

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