Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey can’t get their hands off each other, display love bites in public after her birthday

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It seems like Bella Thorne is extremely happy these days with new boyfriend Taylor Posey and the feeling is mutual. Aside from packing themselves with PDA, the pair is at it again as they sport their newly acquired love bites in public seemingly proud to announce that they are in love.

Right after her birthday, Thorne immediately turned to Instagram and posted a photo of herself with the never-to-be-missed love bite on her neck. The mark looked ‘fresh from the box’ and speaks a lot that she indeed has a wonderful birthday. If that was not proof enough that they can’t get their hands on each other, Posey also had a similar mark on the same spot which he wore proudly when he attended the Comic Con.

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Thorne definitely had a blast on her birthday packed not just with kisses from her new boyfriend, but she also received a cake and a huge bouquet of roses. A lot of buzzes has already surrounded the couple who has just officially announced their relationship a few days ago. The announcement came on October 3, which happened to be National Boyfriend’s Day. Thorne is definitely happy with Posey after breaking up with long-time boyfriend Gregg Sulkin.

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The couple has been flooding the social media with their sweet nothings and PDA-packed photos. Just recently, Posey also posted a photo of him and Thorne with their dog. It looked like the couple have just woken up and sweetly cuddling. Posey was shirtless while Thorne was blowing kisses on his face. The two looked happy and satisfied.

The photo sent more of their fans swooning as Posey called Thorne his ‘love.’ On the other hand, it’s been noted that Thorne hasn’t called him her ‘love’ yet but it will be soon before that happens. And it seems that fans wholly approve their relationship.

Photo Courtesy: Ollin Arm Candy/Flickr

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