Best deals and tips on secure shopping on Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday

With Black Friday long gone, deal hungry shoppers are now looking forward to Cyber Monday, which is poised to be bigger this time around. Numerous bargains run abound online making it a challenge to find the best bang for your buck. Security has also been a recent concern with many hackers and scammers taking advantage of this busy online shopping day.

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Computer experts have recently shared some tips to help protect yourself from these online thieves looking to make quick work of your credit cards.

Update Passwords

The first tip shared was to ditch old passwords which have not been changed in more than a year. A free app called LastPass can also help you secure online accounts better by generating strong passwords automatically.

Make sure to have up-to-date anti-virus software

Even if it isn’t Cyber Monday, all your devices (especially PC or Mac) should have protection. During your online shopping though, this will help keep you safe from unwanted downloads.

Forego Public Wi-Fis

Even if it’s convenient (and sometimes free) public Wi-Fi is generally unsecure making it easy for hacks and scams. The best thing to do is keep your Cyber Monday shopping within the comforts of your home.

Do not use your debit card

And just use one credit card so that it will be easier to monitor all your purchases. At the same time, purchases made with credit cards will not cost actual cash (in case your account gets hacked).

Some of the best deals this Cyber Monday

So with all the tips down, the following are some of the best deals that can be found online for Cyber Monday.

Amazon Devices

Amazon devices like the echo and tap are getting as much as $40 off. Meanwhile, Tablets like Fire go for as low as $33.33 and $90 for a 32GB model.

Best Buy

Best Buy has not yet made announcements for its Cyber Monday deals but sales for November 28 have given buyers an idea of their low prices. Lenovo IdeaPads for example will be discounted for $400.


Staples will be carrying on their Black Friday deals through Cyber Monday. This includes similar deals for their Amazon gear, as well as almost $300 cuts on PC parts.

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Make sure to check online from time to time for other new deals, but always remember to keep your information safe.

Happy shopping!

Photo Courtesy: Christian Van Der Henst S./ Flickr

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