The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Episode 6 air date gets delayed; Season 11 gets cancelled due to salary demands

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The Big Bang Theory season 10 had a spectacular season debut considering that 21.5 million viewers tuned into the show’s premiere. However, rumors of its cancellation have been persistent online following reports that the production cost is too high to renew the show for another season.

Normally, a show that takes in that many viewers gets renewed for two or more seasons, but according to a report by HNGN, the American television sitcom is facing cancellation due to its actors’ salaries.

The nerdy but equally funny main cast of The Big Bang Theory is reportedly charging more than half the cost of production per episode. Apparently, the cost of producing the show has skyrocketed to around $9 million an episode, half of which are the actors’ salaries.

Jim Parson, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are already TV’s highest-paid comedy actors, commanding salaries in the range of $1 million per episode. Their three-year pact with Warner Bros. TV. came in 2014 and will end this season.

Additionally, supporting cast members Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg are both earning $900,000 per episode and it will also be the last on the current deal.

In light of this news, there are speculations that The Big Bang Theory may air its last one or two seasons considering the staggering amount of producing each episode. Although the show has been doing well in terms of ratings, the impending expiration of the actors’ salary deals may prove difficult for the show’s renewal.

However, despite the high production cost of the show, future installments will still happen as the actors are very much committed to preserving the quality and the legacy of the show, according to Variety. Even if the actors’ wages are stagnant, revenues will still cancel the production cost given the amount of money the show gets from the advertisers and syndication.

Meanwhile, fans were surprised that the show did not air last Monday night as it was migrated to Thursday starting this coming October 27 as Monday Night Football is coming to a close on NBC.

This week’s episode will focus on the advancement of Bernadette’s pregnancy while Penny will be put in a surprising situation after she learns that her movie “The Serial Apeist” has a cult following in a local comic con. Her fanboys are going to be pleased that she married Leonard, who is also a geek like them.

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