Bill and Ted 3 Release Date Update: Keanu Reeves reveal plot details, confirm production

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Photo courtesy: BagoGames/Flickr.com

Bill and Ted 3 is confirmed for release and will be happening. Hollywood superstar and main cast of the first 2 movies, Keanu Reeves confirmed the news of production himself. The movie is a typical comedy, but the third iteration will contain some sort of drama in it.

“It’s funny! It’s about the pressure of Bill and Ted having to save the world and it not quite working out.” Reeves said to Entertainment Tonight.

The story of the film will take place 25 years after the events of the second film. Reeves will be joined by his onscreen partner Alex Winter. Both the actors have kept in touch after the second movie and this should help in the chemistry as the movie gets ready for production.

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Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, the script writers of the initial two films will also be writing the script for Bill and Ted 3. The script is already finished and the production of the movie is due to start, although no fixed date regarding that has been declared yet, as reported by Forbes.

“The script is already written for the third film and much if it is set in the UK. The whole film is going to have a huge British feel.” An article mention in the Sun.

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In Bill and Ted 3, both the characters will time travel again and meet with some famous historical figures. If reports are to be believed then Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill will be few of the historical figures featured in the movie.

Both the characters played by Reeves and Alex Winter will portray their older selves in the movie. This will also provide an opportunity to show their families and this could form an interesting feature of the storyline.

Photo courtesy: BagoGames/Flickr.com

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