Billy Zane’s Titanic character misunderstood, Rose shouldn’t have chosen Jack

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It’s been nearly twenty years since the epic romance disaster movie Titanic was first shown to the public, and yet many fans up to this day still can’t seem to get over the fact that Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) never had their happy ending together.

It was such a painful scene that even men deniably wept during movies, and hated themselves for being sneered after. If you are one of those who had better control of your tears, you are free to deny, too, that you’ve never held your breath as characters fell into the deep.

Actor Billy Zane thinks his character, Cal, in the end, found redemption.

Speaking at a show to promote his new series Guilt, actor Billy Zane thinks that Rose should have chosen his character, Cal, instead of Jack.

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Didn’t Rose agree to marry Cal prior to their trip? She supposedly agreed to marry him upon the urging of her mother to resolve their financial issues. In spite of being distraught, she had already given her word and should have abided by it.

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Cal Hockley may not have been an ideal man. He was overbearing, egoistic, and became violent towards Rose. He was full of himself and even tried to kill Jack, but what would you do had you been in his shoes?

Zane thinks so, too, saying, “He was a little misunderstood. I wasn’t the iceberg. I did not drown 2,000 people.” He may have been imperfect, but he wasn’t evil.

“Cal wasn’t a bad man, he was just a victim of bad programming, raised in a time and in a society that conditioned him how to behave, in business and romance. He was pretty much just after the code he knew and in the end, it failed him.” He added.

After all, was he not good to Rose until he found out about her fascination with Jack?

Zane seems to have a point in backing his character, but the fans don’t want any of it. They only reinforced their hatred for the arrogant Cal Hockley, to which Billy Zane replied on Twitter, “Lighten up Cal haters. Was just being contrary, inflammatory and hugely unpopular in my opinions, whaat?”

Don’t you think he has a point?

Photo courtesy: Cliff1066/Flickr

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