The Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers, News & Updates: Major changes coming, the truth to be revealed

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The Blacklist
The Blacklist

With The Blacklist Season 4 release date still a few months away, fans have no choice but consider the latest spoilers to divine what could be in store for their favorite characters next season.

The latest Blacklist spoilers suggest that the next season will be exploring Red’s complex character. In fact, there are already some predictions made recently, saying that fans might finally get a glimpse of what really Red is, for Liz’s life.

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Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp previously told the Deadline that fans have always pondered what really Red’s relationship with Liz (played by Megan Boone) is. People are puzzled why Red (played by James Spader) cares deeply for Liz and what he could probably want from her. This is also the reason, fans hated the news about Liz death.

But now that reports have already confirmed that Liz is alive and coming in the next season, The Blacklist Season 4 spoilers hint that the upcoming Season 6 could finally reveal the secret and the answers to those questions. It is also possible that Alexander Kirk’s entry on the scene could act as a catalyst.

According to Christian Times, Season 4 would reveal Liz’s true identity, even as the same could allay or worsen her doubts. Red’s motives could also be revealed once Liz agrees to meet her alleged biological father, Alexander Kirk (played by Ulrich Thomsen). It seems that Liz’s suspicions of Red would only increase because of Red’s continued reluctance to answer her questions.

Another The Blacklist Season 4 spoilers suggest that the next season will showcase more about Alexander Kirk, revealing his motives and real identity. Reports also said that Kirk’s agenda may have something to do with Liz.

When Kirk introduced himself as Liz’s long-lost dad, fans doubted Kirk’s statement as for good reason. But even if Kirk was really Liz’s biological father, why did he now chooses to reveal his presence and what takes him so long to reveal his story? The real intention and answers to those questions above could be revealed soon, according to the latest The Blacklist Season 4 spoilers.

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Season 4 will be seeing some actions and explosive collision between two major characters, Red and Kirk. Both are long-time enemies and it should interest the viewers how the story would go and end when The Blacklist Season 4 will be airing.

In addition, Season 4 will also tell if Liz is still safe in the hands of Alexander Kirk. The Blacklist Season 4 will return this coming September 22, Thursday on NBC.

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