Blair Witch Project sequel gets close to original film? Campers alive after being haunted in sinister woods?

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Blair Witch Project sequel spoilers
This coming September, Blair Witch Project sequel certainly scares new generation of viewers as its quality gets closer to the first film produced in 1999.

Blair Witch Project sequel this year has become one of the most awaited movies though its plot is already predictable. Obviously, another group of campers will explore deeper in the same creepy location.

In 1999, the first Blair Witch Project successfully terrorized the audience which made the film popular worldwide. With its unbeatable success, the movie turned out to be the most successful indie films in history.

After 17 years, another group of campers will do the same thing. But this time, the film will frighten more than Blair Witch 2 regardless of the viewers’ age bracket. In fact, many fans would like to watch it again and see whether Blair Witch Project sequel scares or not.

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MTV noted the “immediate tension and adrenaline-spiking” effect from recently released trailers alone. According to the source, if the trailers serve as the basis of the film’s quality, the audience will certainly be terrified.

Like the first film, Blair Witch Project sequel will have similar approach wherein one of the campers will search for his sister who’s been reported missing in these woods. Hence, he gathered his friends to help him out.

In addition to that, the same events will be witnessed while the campers journeyed in the woods such as the haunting stick figures within the site. The movie is also filmed in the same format.

The audience will see a creepy video footage taken by the characters as they explored the site. Due to the film’s more realistic approach, the audience could expect frightening scenes like the first Blair Witch Project.

With the new version of Blair Witch Project, speculations were made whether there would be changes to the plot. If that happens, it would be another twist if someone from the group successfully goes back alive.

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Will the film succeed or will just be another fail like the Blair Witch 2? Will the campers successfully make it back alive after being haunted in the woods or none of them could make it back to the first group?

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