Bloodline Season 2: Premiere, new cast update; Linda Cardellini reveal plot twists

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The viewers are expected to see the happenings of the dysfunctional Rayburn family once more in Bloodline Season 2. The upcoming season is slated for release on May 27, 2016, which is the Memorial Day Weekend. The show is set for expansion in its cast with three new characters coming in to mix-up with the Rayburn family.

“Meg” played by Linda Cardellini in the series and “Sally” played by Sissy Spacek recently revealed the relationship progress between the characters. They also laid light on what lies ahead for the Rayburn family in Bloodline Season 2.

“It is about the fallout of what happens and the disintegration of the relationships as we know it, in my opinion. I’m forced into this, sort of, alliance with my brothers, and that implodes as well. It’s a lot of loneliness because of it, I think.” Cardellini said to PopSugar.

Meanwhile, Sally will also be extremely lonely considering her husband, Robert (Sam Shephard) and he son, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) passed away. Her other children like Meg and John will also drift away from her after the Danny incident.

“Everything really is falling apart, and she has no friends, she’s trying to run the business, she’s distanced from her children…she’s lonesome and sad.” Spacek said.

Three new characters who will be entering Bloodline Season 2 will be keys to Danny Rayburn’s death. John Leguizamo will play the character “Ozzy Delveccio”. Ozzy will have questionable motives and will want to cause damage to the Rayburn family, as reported by Indiewire.

“Evangeline Radosevich”, played by Andrea Riseborough is an unpredictable character who has a past with Danny. Evangeline will try to make a good impression to the Rayburn family, but will always be considered as a woman from Danny’s past.

The final and the most important character of the second season will be Danny’s son “Nolan Rayburn”, played by Owen Teague. Nolan will complicate matters in the storyline and will uncover hidden secrets from the family’s past.

Bloodline Season 2 will premiere on May 27, 2016 on Netflix.

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