Bloodline Season 3: Netflix interested? Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn update

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Bloodline, kyle chandler, Ben Mendelsohn
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Bloodline Season 2 has been out for just three weeks and the viewers of the popular Netflix series are already anticipating what Bloodline Season 3 will be like. The second season of the series ended on a cliffhanger urging viewers the need to have another hour of the show, just to understand what happens next. Although Netflix is yet to confirm Season 3, co-creator Glenn Kessler revealed how Kyle Chandler (John Rayburn) and Ben Mendelsohn (Danny Rayburn) will feature if the series gets renewed.

“There was an intimacy of that relationship that led to that killing. And now that Danny’s gone, John is still dealing with that intimacy. A third season will pick up on that idea and what John does with that now that he’s taken the action that he’s never been able to take in his life” Kessler said, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

Bloodline Season 3 will focus more on the dark nature of Kyle Chandler’s character John Rayburn. The viewers are aware of his special connection with Danny and how he misses his older brother after his death. This will now lead him to fight against his own nature of taking everyone’s responsibility on his shoulders. The third season will see John slough off his responsibilities and look out for himself.

Kessler also revealed that much like Season 2, Bloodline Season 3 will highlight Danny as the pivotal character. The show’s DNA is scripted around the eldest son of the Rayburn family and without him, the soul of the show is lost. If everything goes right, Ben Mendelsohn will reprise his role as Danny and keep influencing the Rayburn family with his memories.

Meanwhile, is Bloodline coming back? If we consider the nature of Netflix shows, then we it will be safe to assume that the show will make a return to the third season. The online streaming service rarely cancels a show unless it becomes extremely unpopular with the viewers, which Bloodline is not.

Rumors suggest Florida’s tax incentive is the main reason for Netflix not being interested in renewing Bloodline for season 3. Florida’s Keys is an important location for the show and without it, complications would arise. To keep filming at the same location would be a challenge for Netflix, as reported by Design N Trend.

Photo courtesy: Television Streaming/Flickr.com

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