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Brad and Angelina split: Society blames Brad Pitt by default for Brangelina divorce

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Brad Pitt, Brad and Angelina split
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage came after nearly a decade of being together, but it was not far enough from the controversies that came with it when they were first rumored to be in a relationship in 2005.

The couple became a favorite to tabloids after Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who were married when all the rumors between Angelina started, formally called it quits.

Soon enough rumors about cheating scandals began to surface with Jolie painted as a home wrecker, and Brad Pitt as a philanderer- an accusation both vehemently denies to this day.

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Angelina Jolie admitted they “fell in love on the set”, but only spoke on the true nature of their relationship in 2006.

Their chemistry in the making of Mr. & Mrs. Smith made the film a huge success, and was the highest grossing film for both Brad and Angelina. And while it may only have paved the way for their relationship to materialize they will always be looked upon with suspicion.

Such is the stigma of society. And now it perpetrates upon their divorce with fans of the celebrities pointing fingers on Brad Pitt mainly as the party to blame even without the necessary facts to back it up.

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There are no specifics surrounding the Brad and Angelina split, save for the usual “irreconcilable differences.”

It may well be due to the couple’s parenting issues, or extra-marital relationships, as suggested by various news outlets. It may be due to substance abuse on the part of Brad, or Jolie’s health concerns.

If Brad was really caught cheating on his wife with Marion Cotillard, as reported by Page Six then why wasn’t it directly made as a legal basis for the divorce?

Given that celebrities have different ways of dealing with private matters, none of these things are facts, nor do they fill in the gaps for “irreconcilable differences.”

Was it Brad Pitt’s problem with alcohol or weed consumption? Is there any truth to the theories that he secretly met with Jennifer Aniston, which may have triggered a fissure in their relationship?

But as far as the public is concerned, it seems the Brad and Angelina split is blamed mainly on the husband by default, notwithstanding the given facts, or the lack thereof.

Brad left Jennifer, and therefore meets his karma. And so the stories go with unverified data for Brangelina divorce.

It’s always the man’s fault, or maybe not. Society just wants to play the blame game, and that’s why we have so many broken relationships in the first place.

Photo courtesy: Chrisa Hickey/Wikemedia

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