‘Brad Pitt dead’ news link can kill your device

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Brad Pitt death hoax link can kill your device
Brad Pitt death hoax link can kill your device

Don’t worry, Brad Pitt is alive. But if you clicked on the link to his death hoax story, you may want to have your device checked. As reports suggest, the fake news report was not just a badly written story, but also a virus that could hack and ruin your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

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Sources are indicating that the fake news story, which is being circulated online through Facebook, shows a black and white photo of the Hollywood actor, with the caption “RIP Brad Pitt” written on it. The supposed news report even has the logo of Fox News on it, to try and make the hoax seem more legitimate to viewers. A photo of the fake news report was shared by TMZ via Twitter.

But when a user clicks on the link to the fake report, it will lead to an app that compromises valuable data and information from the device being used. According to TMZ, if a person falls for the bait, “a hacker would then be able to access your personal information and potentially take over your account,” shared the entertainment site.

Facebook warns users about Brad Pitt, death hoax link

Since then, Facebook has recommended to those who have accidentally clicked on the malware to change a password and run their malware software scanner to ensure that all their stored data and information are secure. The social media giant is also asking users to be vigilant and report any other similar incidents immediately.

“We are focused on showing you the stories that are most relevant to you in News Feed. We’re aware that recently a small set of apps posted fake news articles on our platform,” shared a Facebook representative with NBC News. “We have taken action against these apps and stories, and we encourage people who see these types of posts report the content to us.”

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Meanwhile, recent updates report that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reached a temporary three-week custody agreement, which will require Pitt to undergo alcohol and drug tests. Jolie, on the other hand, will temporarily be granted full physical custody of their six children.

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