Captain America Civil War Death: Steve Rogers, Chris Evans to bid goodbye from Marvel franchise?

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Photo courtesy: Geoffroy Groult/Flickr.com

It seems like directors Russo brothers are sticking to the comic books while defining their plot points in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War. A source close to the production unit has confirmed that a scene has been shot which portrays the Captain being killed by Crossbones by the end of the movie.

Marvel’s comic book “Civil War” which was released in 2001 had the cap killed at the hands of Crossbones which provided a shocking climax. However, the regular comic book fans would know that it wasn’t actually Crossbones who performed the deed of killing Steve Rogers; it was a brainwashed Sharon Carter instead who did the horrible act.

Captain America was later revealed not to be entirely dead but stuck in between time only to return after two years. Meanwhile, it was the cap’s sidekick and frenemy Bucky Barnes who took the mantle of Captain America while Steve Rogers was away, as reported by geek.com.

The rumors suggest that Sebastian Stan, who plays the role of Bucky Barnes in the movies will be cast as the next Captain America in future installations of the franchise. This would mean that Chris Evans has to do away with leading the Avengers for a while. However, according to the comic books he will eventually return though, according to moviepilot.com.

To keep the prying media eyes off the hook and to keep the fans guessing, the Russo brothers have shot multiple death scenes during the shoot to complicate matters. Marvel is known to alter paths of certain characters within its cinematic universe.

If rumors are to be believed, then the comic giants are looking to keep Steve Rogers out of the first Infinity Wars. They want Bucky Captain America and Spiderman to be the lead characters in the movie. Rogers would return again in Captain America 4 which is stated to be released in 2020.

Photo courtesy: Geoffroy Groult/Flickr.com

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