Captain America: Civil War News and Rumors: Low budget trailer of the movie released

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While the whole world is buzzing with the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America: Civil War, there are a few who went a step further to make a low budget version of it. On the contrary to its huge box office earnings worldwide, Budget Videos made a trailer that highlights an alternate world, where the movie is made from low budget.

The video is filled with epic moments from the film and each major character of the film have been given their cheap alternatives. While the Captain America suit is made from cardboard, Winter Soldier’s arm is wrapped up with aluminium foil. A toy helicopter roams the scene while plastic water guns are the weapons used by the government to take Team Captain and his crew down.

The trailer also highlights the scene where Steve Rogers prevents the Winter Soldier’s helicopter from escaping. Scenes from the movie are portrayed brilliantly, thus giving a serious yet comic feel to the entire video. Even the wrinkles on one’s skin is done with a black marker, thus giving a hilarious effect.

The end of the trailer mimics the original in which Spiderman makes his entry into the Avengers world. One would get the same thrill as the original, only this time it’s more of a laughter than a chill down one’s spine.

Here is the trailer for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Photo & Video courtesy: YouTube.com/Mathew Potter

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