Celebrities criticize Oprah Winfrey comments on Trump meeting with Obama

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Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey could do no wrong. Until she shared what seemed were positive remarks about the win of president-elect Donald Trump.

“I just saw President-elect Trump with President Obama in the White House and it gave me hope … It felt that he had reached a moment where he was actually humbled by that experience,” Winfrey shared with Associated Press.

She had also shared a Tweet on November 10, captioning a photo of President Obama and Donald Trump “everyone takes a deep breath!” adding the hashtag #HopeLives.

Though Winfrey meant it to be a positive message, many were offended by the post, resulting in an eruption of criticism and comments on Oprah Winfrey.

Some celebrities also expressed their disdain for Winfrey’s Tweet, responding to their own messages.

Since then, Oprah made the effort to clarify her statement, speaking to media during a Q&A for the press conference to promote a Netflix documentary.

“I couldn’t breathe after the election,” claimed the talk show host. “I was expecting tension, awkwardness, and strain. When I saw them sitting together and I actually took a picture of the screen, it said, ‘President-elect Trump: ‘Honored To Meet Obama.’ And President Obama was being so gracious. I heard Donald Trump say, ‘He’s a good man.’ I heard Donald Trump say, ‘I’m going to be seeking his counsel.’ I literally went, ‘I can breathe now.”

Despite defending her mistake to the press, Oprah Winfrey was also quick to admit that she had made a mistake in her Tweet.

“My mistake and this is what I know to be true, is that you can never talk about everybody,” she added during the Q&A. “Don’t talk about ‘What you should do.’ You can only speak for yourself. What I should have said was, ‘I just took a breath.’”

Photo Courtesy: Morning Joe/ Flickr

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