Charlie Sheen: from gay secrets, substance abuse, to reality TV for HIV awareness

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Photo courtesy: Joella Marano/Flickr
A video of Charlie Sheen has leaked, portraying his support for LGBT

Charlie Sheen used to be the highest paid actor on Television. He rose to popularity earlier in his career after successful movies like Platoon and Major League, and he became well known for his TV roles, such as Two and a Half Men.

Then his career started to spiral due to his inconsistencies at work, controversies, drug and alcohol abuse. He is reportedly a sex addict and has come out in the open to announce that he is HIV+ in November 2015 and that he has been diagnosed with the illness four years ago.

Now, a video he made, back in 2013 for GLAAD supporting LGBT rights has leaked, where he jokes he is “coming out in the open” as reported by Radar Online. The video was made a year or two after he secretly knew about his HIV diagnosis.

The video was never officially released.

Charlie Sheen is rumored to have spent millions of dollars for “friendly entertainment, which is said to be his term for sex workers. He is known for having bedded so many women, but rumors say he’s had to sex with men and even transsexuals.

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He has also spent millions trying to silence people from going out in the open with his secret life. He’s rumored to have paid off “friends” who threatened to tell about his HIV and for exposing them to the infection.

US magazine reports the Hollywood star wants to start a reality TV show that would share his life in general to the public. It’s about letting the people know how it feels, or how it is to go on with your life while suffering from HIV, where “He’d really open up and allow the cameras inside his world.”

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Charlie Sheen says part of the reason he opened up about HIV is to stop people from harassing him, from threatening him for pay offs. Now it seems the Wall Street actor wants to change his life for the better.

He wants to be more open about the illness and inform the public for awareness purposes.

On November 2015, Charlie Sheen said, “I have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people, and hopefully with what we’re doing today others will come forward and say, thanks, Charlie.”

Photo courtesy: Joella Marano/Flickr

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