Cheryl Cole Pregnant: Friend Kimberley Walsh advised her to confirm and end all speculations

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Cheryl Cole and 1D boyfriend Liam Payne have been under the radar for quite a while because of her rumored pregnancy which both neither confirmed nor denied. Cole’s friend and former Girls Aloud band mate Kimberley Walsh has recently advised the singer to confirm the pregnancy once and for all or risk the ire of her fans.

Cole and Payne have both dogged pregnancy rumors and posted “hints” on their social media accounts. The rumors on Cole being pregnant continue to persist and grow stronger when pictures of her sporting a bump on her tummy began surfacing. Then, there’s her mom taking a trip to the grocery shopping for some baby items. Until now, however, she has not addressed the issue.

Her friend, Walsh, is getting worried about the impact of the rumor to her. She thinks that if Cole continues to dodge the rumors, her fans will lash out on her if they feel like she’s keeping something from them. Walsh further expressed that she doesn’t want to see her friend under attack.

Sources say that she had told Cole to just face the rumors and tell fans what the real score is because it will make her life easier. The singer, however, said that she doesn’t want to do something she’s being pushed to do.

Walsh might also be referring to the truss the “Call My Name” singer had during a TV appearance. Cole said she was shocked at how people negatively reacted to her interview knowing it’s not about her but about the charity she was advocating. Cole confessed that the incident hurt her but also said that she has been dealing with these kinds of people over the years.

Her TV appearance was the first after pregnancy rumors surfaced. During the interview, Cole also shared some baby tips to Sir Chris Hoy who has a toddler with difficulty going to sleep. He thanked Cole for giving him a wonderful and effective sleep tip: lavender oil and humidifier.

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