Chloe Ferry is back on ‘Geordie Shore’ after being dismissed over dispute with her co-star

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CHLOE Ferry is set to return to ‘Geordie Shore’ house after being removed for ‘kicking a new girl’ Zahida Allen in the head with a night out.

Chloe Ferry is known for her quick-tempered nature and fiery personality. The star has been in several fights on a reality TV series ‘Geordie Shore’.

The reality TV star was recently ‘kicked off’ the set after an explosive fight  with the show’s latest cast Zahida Allen.

‘Love triangle’ is said to be the caused of the two star’s dispute. Chloe Ferry physically assaulted Zahina Allen after seeing her holding hands with her former lover Marty Mackenna. Several witnesses on the spot said Ferry tackled Allen on the floor before lashing out. Allen was said to be cowering on the floor looking like Ferry had hit her in the head.

Ferry’s  behavior got so out of hand that she was made to leave the club by staff. The producers of the show contacted the star to pack her belongings and leave the set. They sent her home and dismissed her out of the show.

Chloe Ferry then went on to twitter after being axed from the show. She posted a selfie with the caption “Lash, EDEN” which left her fans worried that she might not be returning to the show.


However, sources told The Sun that Chloe Ferry will be returning to the show this weekend. The producers of the show said they just kept her away for a few days for to reflect on her actions. The showrunners are also hoping that this will be a lesson for her to take her job in ‘Geordie Shore’ more seriously.

Geordie Shore is a British reality television series based on Maerican reality show ‘Jersey Shore’. The show is currently in its 13th season.  It also features the full-time return of former cast members Sophie Kasaei and Kyle Christie.

Photo Courtesy : Hair Rehab London


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