Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham together; permission from elders to perform PDA

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Photo courtesy: Joella Marano/Flickr.com

A lot of boys and girls will be jealous as Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are officially together. The couple was seen making their red carpet debut for the Los Angeles premiere of Chloe’s upcoming movie “Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising”. Moreover, the duo was also seen performing Public Display of Affection (PDA), which is the result of Chloe’s “super protective” brothers giving their seal of approval.

Chloe herself confirmed to E! News that she and Brooklyn are officially together. The 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham sported a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket. Beckham Jr. replicated his father David heavily as he rolled up the sleeves of his jacket. His rest of the attire included a white shirt, a black tie and suede shoes.

“Hugo” actress Chloe Moretz was seen in a sexy black dress filled with laces. The dress revealed plenty of her flesh along with her bra. It has to be noted that the 19-year-old was looking extremely beautiful.

“He’s very sweet. He’s a very very genuine man. He’s a gentle man.” Chloe Moretz said on Brooklyn Beckham.

The actress from Atlanta, Georgia revealed that her elder brothers are very protective of her and she likes it that way. However, Brooklyn has got along very well with them and she can see that they are engaged in texting one another secretly.

The “If I Stay” actress also added that she gets along well with her boyfriend’s famous celebrity parents, David and Victoria Beckham. She said that the former England captain is a great father and that Victoria is a great mother, which matters the most.

If there is any doubt regarding who among the two is in control of the relationship, Chloe Moretz made it certain that it was her. She likes to stay in control of her relationship with Brooklyn.

Photo courtesy: Joella Marano/Flickr.com

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