Chris Brown willing to get back again with Rihanna while she dissed her exes on Instagram

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Even before Drake and Rihanna split up, Chris Brown has reportedly predicted that their relationship won’t last long because Drake is boring. With the break-up still fresh, it looked like Chris doesn’t want to waste time as rumors say that he has sent RiRi some flowers and said that he’s willing to get back together with her.

According to Hollywood Life, a source said that the singer has been trying his best to win back Rihanna again. He’s even been sending some flowers, booze, and toys to anyone in her family just so she can win her back.

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“Plus, he did some painting for her, he had it all covered up, but it was something he did himself. He’s saying he’s going to get her back, that they belong together and stuff. He definitely sees this breakup from Drake as his opportunity,” the source said.

On the other hand, Rihanna posted a photo of herself on her Instagram looking happy and proud with the caption that says none of her ex-lovers are happy or in relationships confirming that she isn’t the problem. There could be truth to that since Brown hasn’t been in a relationship for a while even though he had a brief relationship with another woman.

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Meanwhile, there are reports that Drake has also taken to Instagram to talk about his break-up with Rihanna. In a cryptic remark which says that he is “praying for you.” He also said that he is “too mix up in a drama” that he had no time to free his mind. Whatever he meant by this, many have read it, as his comment to all the buzz that is spreading after they parted ways. There are many rumors regarding the real reason behind their breakup. Some say that it was because of model India Love but the two said that there was no third party involved, but they were just too busy with their schedules.

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