CM Punk WWE Return Update: Video release hints return of The Straight Edge Superstar

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CM Punk (Photo Courtesy: Ed Webster/Flickr)

CM Punk left WWE in 2014 but there may be a slight chance that he could return to the company. For the first time in a long while, WWE have posted a CM Punk-related YouTube video up on their channel. The Straight Edge Superstar has not been seen in the company ever since walking out the night after the Royal Rumble back in 2014.

The uploaded video in question was CM Punk vs The Rock at Elimination Chamber 2013, where The Great One defeated Punk to retain his WWE Championship.

There’s a chance that this is being done just to mock the Chicago native, but more often than not the company tends to upload videos of stars just before they return to the squared circle.

CM Punk and WWE have been battling back and forth ever since Punk left three years ago, with a number of lawsuits furthering the friction between the two parties.

CM Punk and WWE relationship improving

Recently, however, things seem to have stagnated with no real word on how things are progressing between Punk and his former employers. The former WWE Champion is currently in limbo following a debut MMA loss to Mickey Gall at UFC 203.

We’ll likely hear more developments on this issue over the next few days and weeks, with things like this typically spreading like wildfire throughout the WWE Universe.

If it turns out to be nothing more than a typical upload, then we can expect to see Punk step back inside the Octagon a lot sooner than he puts on a pair of wrestling boots.

Even if this turns out to be nothing important, it’s great to start speculating over whether or not Punk will be returning to pro wrestling anytime soon. Of course, many fans believe that it’s much more likely he’ll show up in NJPW or ROH, but Vince McMahon has made up with numerous superstars over the years, so there’s a possibility that this could happen.

CM Punk offered $1 million to appear in British promotion

Last week, British promotion 5 Star Wrestling made a very public proposal: come wrestle in our 128-man tournament, CM Punk, and we’ll pay you $1 million. This is double what Punk made for his one and only fight in UFC so far, but therein lies the problem. Punk is reportedly on a multi-fight deal with the MMA promotion, so any deal would have to go through them.

Hinkles stated that he would love to talk to UFC President Dana White about the offer, and that the proposal is serious, not just a publicity stunt. In fact, he’s now announced 5 Star Wrestling is willing to offer Punk even more than the initial $1 million he pitched last week – they just want to get him in the negotiation room.

It worked with another former WWE and ECW champion, at least. 5 Star have also announced Rob Van Dam will be competing in the 128 man tournament.

Photo Courtesy: Ed Webster/Flickr

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