Criminal Minds Season 12: Thomas Gibson exit snubbed by the show

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Criminal Minds will undergo a lot of changes this season after Thomas Gibson was fired from the show. With his exit, many fans are asking what will happen to the show when Chief Aaron Hotchner leaves. So far, no information is available how Gibson’s character will be written off giving fans the impression that he was not given proper recognition.

The synopsis for episode 2 of Criminal Minds is already out, so is the sneak peek trailer, but there is no mention of Gibson or whatsoever. What the synopsis only reveal, is that “when JJ arrives home, shaken after a rough case, she breaks down and tells her husband about the abduction of two children.”

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Watching the trailer for episode 2 and hoping to find clues what will happen to Chief Hotchner did not even help. Will he be killed or will he go on retirement? Worse, will he just disappear, which is unlikely to happen, of course.

With all those speculations, fans of Criminal Minds are asking whether the altercation that happened between Gibson and one of the writers affect how he is written off of the show. Still, it doesn’t justify how they treat the exit as if nothing special is happening despite the confirmation of his exit. Hotchner has been one of the main characters of the show and to let him go without any recognition isn’t right.

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Meanwhile, when Gibson exits, Adam Rodriguez will take his place in the show. Rodriguez was already introduced in the premier episode as FBI Fugitive Task Force Agent Luke Alvez where Hotchner welcomed him into the BAU unit as the newest addition to the team.

Gibson’s absence, according to Carter Matt, might be greatly felt in episode 3 since the next episode will be his last. For now, fans are kept on the edge as to what’s in store for their favorite series.

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