The CW hopes to bring Archie and friends to life in the new TV show ‘Riverdale’

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After the shocking news of Archie’s death in the comic book series in July 2014, the beloved 16-year-old red-haired teen will be seen once more in the upcoming midseason replacement series Riverdale on The CW.

It has been confirmed that the new teen-based TV show will be loosely based on the popular Archie comic book series and fans have been anticipating of its airing on the small screens. However, fans will see a different Archie Andrews and the rest of Riverdale residents as the new show appears to be a mixture of Archie Comics and Twin Peaks with a little bit of One Tree Hill. 

The Archie comics reimagining is actually not anything like most people remember as the new TV series will start right after a murder. According to Deadline, Luke Perry will star as Archie’s father, Fred Andrews, who owns a construction firm with hopes that Archie will take over the family business.

Playing the role of Archie Andrews is given to KJ Apa who is going to be a bit different from the squeaky clean, freckled-face and scrawny-looking comic version of Archie. In Riverdale, TV version Archie got abs and has a forbidden love affair with his music teacher, Mrs. Grundy. He will still be a jock although his passion for music is stronger.

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Jughead Jones, Archie’s best friend, will be played by Cole Sprouse. The TV version of Jughead is said to be a smart teenager who aspires to become a writer. The two characters had a falling out in the TV series, so fans will see that things will be tense between them.

Archie’s two love interests, Betty and Veronica, will be portrayed by Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, respectively. Betty will still be Archie’s girl-next-door best friend and Veronica will be the rich girl from New York who is new in Riverdale.


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As if having two love interest is not enough, the show also casts Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale High’s queen bee who will be Archie’s main squeeze in the upcoming series. Fans should expect major teen drama as Riverdale airs on The CW.

The rest of Riverdale’s residents include Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), Betty’s mother, Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick), Ethel Muggs (Shannon Purse), Reggie Mantle (Ross Butler) and Kevin Keller (Casey Cott).

Riverdale has no firm premiere date yet, but it is expected to air around January or February of 2017, coinciding with the Archie character’s 75th anniversary.

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